A Better Night Sleep | Calming Activities to Do Before Bed

It’s no secret that getting a good night sleep is essential to many aspects of life. It can make you happier, healthier and more motivated. Here is s bedtime routine to help you relax and rewind for a good night sleep.

Switch off Electronic Devices

It’s not a good idea to use electronic devices up to an hour before going to bed, this is because;

  • They stimulate the brain
  • They can emit light which can interfere with your bodies internal clock
  • They can be addictive, which can see you sitting up longer sitting on your phone
  • Checking work emails late at night can cause stress and worry, which may hinder sleep


Meditation, Breathing and Mindfulness

58% of people surveyed said that they couldn’t fall asleep at night due to their mind being too busy. 24% said they were worried, stressed or anxious, and that was what was keeping them up.

Doing some relaxation exercises such as meditation, breathing and mindfulness is a tried and tested way of improving this and letting go of the thoughts that are keeping you up.



When it comes to reading you can either do it before you go to bed or once you’re in bed. It is recommended to read in another room before going to bed. This is because it’s good for your brain to associate your bed with sleeping instead of activities such as reading and watching TV.

Some people say that they find it better to read in bed and then drift off to sleep. So try it out and do whatever works for you.


Listen to Music

It’s important to avoid screens before bed, but listening to music can help you relax, and actually sleep better! If you have a music playing device that doesn’t involve a screen, then this is great. If you need to play music through a device with a screen, then try creating a playlist and letting it play until you fall asleep – if you cannot be tempted to go on it that is.

Just don’t listen to anything too exciting or emotional or you could just be awake for longer.


Write Down Worries and Reminders for the Next Day

Some of the main issues that people face when they are unable to sleep are worry and stress. If you have worries, or even something for the next day that you must remember, then write it down. Sometimes thoughts can run through your head if you have a mental to-do-list, so make it physical and you’ll be able to sleep soundly.


Don’t Lie Awake for Hours – Get Up and Repeat

Many people lie around for hours, tossing and turning when they are unable to sleep. This just leaves your frustrated and you could end up sitting all night counting down the hours until you have to wake up. it takes on average 20-30 minutes for someone to fall asleep. So if it’s taking you longer, get back up, go to another room and repeat some of the steps in dimmed lighting. After about 15 minutes try again.

If you still feel wide awake after this then your body might not be ready to shut down just yet and it may be an idea to sit up longer until it does.