Letting Agent Alternatives

If you are new to lettings or looking for a new provider in Glasgow, it’s worth researching the alternatives regarding letting agencies in Glasgow. These alternative websites will help you find the home you’re looking for without the hassle of using the leading property websites. You can also sort through reduced properties using the facility on Gallus. Finally, it can be a good idea to check your broadband speed to ensure your prospective tenant is likely able to pay the rent.

In the UK, Gallus are one of the more established letting agencies in Glasgow. The directors of Gallus have been steadily building up their investment properties portfolio since 2015 while the company, Gallus lettings launched in 2019. The company has a good reputation for customer service. It offers a wide range of lettings services, including property management. It’s also a good choice for landlords with properties in Glasgow. It has a slick online booking system and offers flexible letting packages. It also has a free valuation service.

It’s also worth checking out OpenRent, which offers transparent, easy-to-use packages and security features. It also has a range of packages, ranging from a standard package to a premium package.

It’s also good to check out the various deposit replacement schemes available. These are great for landlords to offer as they provide an additional buffer for the tenant. In recent years, the uptake of these schemes has increased by at least 75 per cent. These are also excellent ways to improve the marketing appeal of your property.