Rolex Repair | What Can Go Wrong with Your Rolex Watch

It can be a total nightmare when your watch breaks, especially if it’s expensive. Rolex repair UK, for example, can be extremely costly and time-consuming. Here are some ways that you can help ensure that your watch doesn’t get unnecessarily damaged.

Ways That You Can Damage Your Rolex

Pretty much any watch can be broken due to the following;

Dropping It

One of the easiest and most common ways to break a watch is by dropping it. You can damage a watch by dropping it from almost any height, including a short drop. This depends on the surface it is landing on and how the watch falls.
Dropping isn’t the only way a watch can get damaged on impact. It can also be damaged by hitting it against something whilst it is on your wrist.

Improper Storage

It is important to store a watch properly. Storing it in conditions that are too hot or too cold can cause damage to the movements in the watch. Going from somewhere that is extremely hot, to somewhere that is extremely cold or vice versa can cause the watch to expand or contract, this can lead to water vapour getting into the dial and movement.

Setting Functions Wrong

Setting your watch functions between 9 am and 3 am can cause damage. This time period is often referred to as “the danger zone.” At this time the gears are in movement to automatically change the date on your watch. If you try to set the functions during this time it can misalign the date and break parts of the movement.

Winding a Watch On Your Wrist

It may seem like the most convenient way of doing it, but changing the time on your watch whilst it’s on your wrist actually had the potential to damage your watch. It can cause you to accidentally pull the crown out or overwind it. You should always take your watch off before changing the date or time.

Using the Chronograph Underwater

If you use the chronograph underwater they this may allow water into the case, causing it to get water damage or it will eventually rust. To avoid water damage only use the rotating bezel whilst it’s wet or you’re underwater.

Exposing the Watch to Magnetic Fields

Magnetic fields can damage your watch. Luckily this is not true for all watches as some brands, such as Rolex, have a Gauss rating. This is an innovative feature used to measure magnetism.

But if your watch doesn’t have one of these then avoid putting your watch on radios, speakers or any other electronic devices, as this can interfere with the mechanism.

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What to Do If You Are in Need of Rolex Repair UK

If you are in need of Rolex repair UK, then there are a few options. One of the easiest repair options for watches and jewellery is to post it, simply post your watch to a repairs company and they’ll send it back when it’s fixed. They’re quick and reliable so you can get back to telling time in no time at all!