Unhealthy Exercise Habits That You Should Avoid

Exercising is good for you, and everyone should be doing it. But there are some unhealthy exercise habits that everyone is guilty of. This article will tell you which ones you should avoid.

Skipping Gym Days

Skipping a gym day may seem acceptable because “it’s only one” but it’s a slippery slope. One day turns into two days, and two days turns into two weeks.

Every time you skip the gym you’re making it easier and easier for yourself to not go. If you are unwell or if something crops up then it is acceptable to skip the gym, but feeling too lazy is not an excuse.

Not Taking Rest Days

Similarity, working out too much is also extremely unhealthy. Muscles need time to repair and relax in order to not cause you any damage. If you overwork muscles without a break you are at risk of injury. Mixing up your workout routine to focus on different muscle groups is a great way to give your muscles a rest and still work out.

Skipping Stretching/Cooling Down

When you stretch before and after a workout helps prevent injury, as well as helps your body recover. When you skip this you are at risk of muscle damage.

Resting for Too Long Between Sets

It’s important to take small breaks between sets, but resting too much isn’t good.  This is because then you rest for too long or too frequently, your heart rate drops back to normal and this prevents your body from refuelling muscle.

The aim is to keep your muscles engaged and your heart rate up and this will help you push yourself and improve your fitness. 30-90 seconds rest between sets is the recommended time.

Not Eating or Drinking Enough

Many people who exercise with the goal to lose weight think that if they eat less or skip meals that they will see results faster. While that might be true in some cases, it’s a short-term solution as it is not sustainable.

Not to mention that if your body doesn’t have enough nutrients and you work out you run a risk of feeling dizzy and tired, which may ultimately mean that you don’t put as much effort into working out as you would.

Practicing Bad Form

Always ensure that you uphold good posture, especially when doing workouts with weights. Bad form during workouts could lead to an injury. Also if you aren’t doing it properly you won’t be working the correct muscle groups so it’s pretty much a waste of time.

Rewarding Your Workouts with Junk Food

It’s been a long day. You’ve been in work from 9-5. You then went straight to the gym where you had a heavy work out session. You can either go to the supermarket to get food to make a healthy dinner. Or to stop off at McDonald’s. What are you going to do? Of course, most people would choose the unhealthy option for convince.

The problem with this is people often overestimate how many calories they burn during a workout. Not to mention it’s extremely bad for you whether you’ve exercised or not.