Your Guide To Tackling Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp is a serious property issue that can occur on almost any property. There are many different types of problems that can come about as a result of damp affecting multiple different types of areas within a home or property. Typically penetrating damp is often found in properties that are regularly exposed to poor weather such as large amounts of rain as well as storm crowds. Therefore , it is important that there is guidance and help in place in order to help property and home owners appropriately tackle this serious property issue.

Penetrating damp

How And Where Does Damp Occur?

Damp can occur in many different types of environments. One of the most common environments where it can be found is properties that are poorly ventilated and heated. Buildings that are poorly ventilated and heated offer an excellent breeding ground through which damp can multiply. This is because damp thrives in cool, wet environments.

It’s also important to note that damp can also occur in properties that are not exposed to frequent bad weather. Often owners of older properties may find that their property has hidden damp issues after they undertake a full property survey. This can happen for a range of different reasons but generally it is due to weaknesses within the property. These can come in many different forms but generally speaking these weaknesses are a result of poorly built or degraded building materials which have allowed penetrating damp to occur within the property.

In order to adress the issue of damp within a property , there is a lot the property owners can do in order to make sure that they know the issue will be tackled effectively.

Penetrating damp

Penetrating And Eliminating Damp

Another important aspect of maintenance is preventing and eliminating penetrating damp in a property. Penetrating damp is an issue which can require a lot of time and resources. This is because once it is well developed it can weaken the structure of a property as well as causing further problems to the building . Penetrating damp also often leads to mould developing within a property. Mould is normally clearly indicated by large dark marks on a surface.

Once mould has begun developing in a property this can lead to further property issues such as weakened overall property structure , increased health risks due to mould and also poor insulation and heat. These factors and issues are all a direct result penetrating damp having a severe impact on a property.

Penetrating damp

How Can These Issues Be Effectively Tackled?

Overall , there are a range of different ways through which these issues can be effectively tacked. By far the most effective and sensible way through which you should tackle the issue of damp within a property is using the services of damp proofing specialists. Damp proofing specialists typically work at damp proofing and property maintenance firms. They specialise in preventing damp and have a number of different skills and expertise.

The benefits of using them are:

  • Fast and efficient work completed
  • Existing damp issues can be dealt with very effectively
  • Affordable service
  • Trusted and accredited