How To Learn A New Skill

Identify Your Goals

When it comes to learning, it’s important to set goals that matter to you. You’ll be much more likely to devote time and energy to something you care about, and the gratification you feel from reaching those goals will keep you motivated.

Set A Timeline

We all lead busy lives juggling multiple tasks and deadlines. Learning a new skill is not going to be easy and will require your complete undivided attention. So, it is important that you plan it out well in advance.

Find A Mentor

A mentor can help you with the practical aspects of acquiring a new skill, but they may also be able to provide insight into how you think or approach problems. Build rapport with your potential mentor through a casual first meeting, such as a coffee date or virtual call. Be sure to make it clear that your discussions are confidential.

Learn By Doing

Learning a new skill takes a lot of practice. You’ll need to dedicate time, practice patiently, and keep an eye on your progress. If you get frustrated, remember that each attempt is a step closer to mastering your new skills.