Hand Forklift & More: Why LLM is Best

LLM Handling are a company based in Surrey, England. They are focused on manufacturing and selling top tier handling equipment to those in the industry. Their handpicked ranges of things such as the hand forklift means that they have gained the reputation of being one of the United Kingdom’s top independent suppliers in their field. As soon as you see the range of products over at llm handling. then you see just how much they have to offer. Here are some more reasons why they are the go to handling equipment company:

  • Their Product Range: The Hand Forklift and Beyond

Okay so it’s already been mentioned they have a large range of products. But it’s not until you see just how vast this range is that you really appreciate it. Here are the ranges of products LLM are selling:

  • Mobile scissor lift tables
  • Pallet stackers – both manual and electric
  • Pallet trucks – both manual and electric
  • Pallet high lifters – both manual and electric
  • Static scissor lift tables, manual and electric

Hand Forklift

Right there is only the heavy lifting equipment that they sell. Also available to buy are ranges such as shelving units, workbenches and access platforms. With the amount of variety, why would you need to go anywhere else for your handling equipment needs?

  • Customer Service

With a customer service team that is expertly trained ensuring that you get the most satisfaction from your product. LLM Handling has a priority in making sure customers are happy. They will not only help you with your purchase but help you make sure that you are getting the best product for your needs. The team over at LLM is made up of handling specialists that have gained many years of experience. They know the ins and outs of their products as well as the grind of the workplace – providing them with the knowledge to best help you.

  • UK Made

A UK based company thats products are manufactured in the UK. All the products that come from LLM are both designed and manufactured on the British Isles. This allows them to oversee everything and ensure that the products are made to the highest possible quality. Their products meet and then exceed the highest of industry standards putting them ahead of the rest in their field.

Hand Forklift

  • Their Customers Love Them

Selling to both the British and European markets, they have gained a loyal customer base in their years of operation. With big companies such as BP, Etihad Airways and Honda Logistics as well as big charities like the British Red Cross being customers. This sort of loyalty from these companies show that LLM are doing the right things in order to be successful. With rave reviews, they are go to place for handling equipment.

Hand Forklift